Global auto, green communication, compliant press ... and nothing in the facts!

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Global auto, green communication, compliant press ... and nothing in the facts! - By Zorro the 14 / 11 / 2004 / 18: 58

A large bi annual Mass Global Auto 2004 Paris, all the specialized press (! Or not) was the appointment: 1 460 803 visitors and especially small increase 10732 55% of which foreign journalists)

What for?

This is an opportunity for French journalists, mainly Parisians, to review the press, take appointments for press tests and share small fours and other VIP attention, starting with the famous press kits! There, between the glossy pages and other photos (in duplicate with the CD ROM!?!) Not a derogatory question "nor a word on the values ​​of Scx, mass increase, the uselessness of electronic gadgets to reliability doubtful (prices are forced!) or overconsumption due to 4 driving wheels !! Of course, here and there, information on more or less alternative energies: hydrogen, PAC or LPG (see also ... But almost nothing to buy valid concessions! But progress is only worth if it is shared is not it? And before the energy waste and its pollution, "we" returns the ball. For example, the legislation requires LPG vehicles to be also gasoline so technical compromise quite disappointing or "Turn on your codes! To over-consume from 2 to 8% and thus ... compensate for the radar effect and its decline in average speeds. Indeed, the TV news have announced this summer that 2003 fuel consumption has dropped by 1% in France! That is 1 billion euros of TIPP in months despite 4 × 4 in USA fashion! And I bet you that this stupid measure refused by Europe in 2001 will be voted by 4 month: the security has good back in this country of hypocrites in power !! In this regard JP Jabouille has also told RTL in front of a journalist embarrassed "To too much to prevent us from dying, we are prevented from living! ".

The media so complacent, sufficient and honeyed with wishes, are in fact, to boot !! advertisers advertising revenues (down from 2 years) represent between 50 and 80% of their income (100% for free) .They therefore can not write anything right and they often ignore or make fun of sustainable development in Paris selfish good, already mired in its pollution!

Finally to finish, be aware that manufacturers do not reduce consumption (or so little face the increase in weight and Scx aerodynamics that worsens since 30 years!) But then clean up. Just to meet the standards to certify and ... sell! And how do these vehicles age at the pollution level? It is not the bogus and complaisant technical control, competition requires, put in place that can tell us reliably. Yet, already 735 Million auto less than 3.5 T in the world: how many VW Lupo 3 Liters or Audi A2 TDI? Audi will stop this model: too clever for the "traditional" customers of the brand who prefer to appear in A3 or more BIG of course! Only ecological tax incentives could save these models and resurrect our prototypes Citroën ECO 2000, Peugeot VERA and other Renault VESTA 1 and 2 1984 ... less pollute is FIRST LESS CONSOMMER iso comfort if possible! But short-term profits and lobbies hold firm in Brussels. Where are the journalists worthy of the name? They really do not need a press card to relay the communication of large car assemblers (80% are manufactured by OEMs!).

Man is the only predator of man. QED.

Marc, mechanical engineer INSA.


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