Module Stirling wood SPM KWB little chance of a marketing

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There are a few months, we presented the SPM module (as Stirling Power Module) KWB on forums, read this topic: Stirling cogeneration wood.

KWB is a very serious boiler manufacturer with Austrian wood, it offers recent years, including automatic boilers shredded wood or pellets of high quality and performance.

stirling pellets
SPM module KWB mounted on a boiler KWB automatic pellets

This weekend, during a living exhibition, I had the chance to speak with the boss Benelux KWB. I quickly plugged on PMS which greatly interested me for several months.

Unfortunately the reality is far ad flyers and media articles are simply copied usually glued Press releases effects.

To be honest, he strongly believed that the stirling kWB wood cogeneration will never leave. Reasons given: high investment cost and difficult maintenance, resulting in a return on investment very risky. That is especially due to fouling of the exchanger problems ... by dropping the module performance.

In probability (unlikely) marketed for the price of one module would be between € 5 and 7000 to 1 2 to kW electrical, but which seems reasonable to say 0.10 € per kWh, the module should run at best cases (for € 5000 2kWe) 25 000h to be profitable assuming free pelletsThis recess is far from the case!

KWB is working on other more promising thing he said which will be discussed shortly lot: a microphone mounted wood gasifier cogeneration which would completely replace the boiler!

The price and performance of the cogeneration (5kW at least) would make it much more interesting éconologiquement speaking!

According Jancovici, wood gasification is the electricity generation process which has the best overall energy efficiency due to the non transformation and limited transportation of fuel and despite a return of the device rather poor.

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