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1) We congratulate the team for their Nasamax 17ième place 24h of Le Mans. Indeed this team a car consuming exclusively Biofuel: the (bio) ethanol. Other technological tricks are present on the car (like any race car). Hoping that this initiative does not remain an orphan.

See complete ranking on the official website of Le Mans 24h

2) Mise en ligne d’une page intitulée « Diesel et Eau » issu du site du Ministère de l’Economie, des Finances et de l’Industrie concernant l’addition d’eau dans un moteur à combustion interne de type Diesel ( recherches sur l’aquazole par ELF et ANTAR ).
Many explanations seem to be common with the water doping carried out on our Zx however that works best in fuel economy run.

Aquazole by Elf


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