Micro-CHP easy to vegetable oil

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How a simple cogeneration car engine database recovery -PSA XUD-

Article for farmers or individuals wishing to self produce their energy. Written by a farmer for Agriculture Renewable Energy Association

Agriculture Renewable Energy Association (51).

This association aims to bring together information on the production and use of energy in short circuit from a farm and more generally the rural areas.

Short Circuit

For millennia, farmers have produced food and more oats for their horses. Today, they go, with the forest, make a significant portion of renewable and efficient energy for all. These energies are economically viable, socially and environmentally. It is clean, local, independent of the turmoil of this world and can meet the demand of any intensification of agriculture by taking the added value of our products in short circuit.

The crude vegetable oil (SVO)

From rapeseed and sunflower, we can produce SVO (straight vegetable oil) and fatty meal. There is no need huge and expensive facilities around which revolve the myriad trucks, a small machine 45 kilos enough. It is worth € 4000. This little machine nevertheless has significant production in 10 30 000 The annual oil and to 20 90 000 kg cake to replace proteins come from across the world.

These cakes (livestock feed) provide proteins necessary to avoid the excesses behind the three food crises, BSE, dioxin, foot and mouth disease, the disproportionate impact in terms of human consequences. These events show that we take to feed us well and great risk that if a real accident occurred, not because they were not warned.

The HVB has surprising uses. In fact all the small diesel engines with indirect injection, a third of the French fleet, can operate without significant modification, with pure or mixed HVB. For the latest diesel engines of many German garages can download changes. France bans such use, Germany permits.

The oil may also be used as fuel to produce electricity using a generator under 1500 euros, the engine cooling circuit for heating the house.

CHP Peugeot XUD
Schematic diagram of a micro-cogeneration based on a Peugeot engine XUD


All agricultural development paths are being blocked.
We have become producers of raw materials, wheat, coal price is tossed on the world market in the issues in which the protection of nature and we expect very little. Another example, with the pig € 0.5 kg of carcass, it takes a lot in his kennel for a minimum wage.

Only the short-circuit processing will allow a margin of our products to meet the demand of the people who fund us. We have the resources, tools and men, but we can do it with you. Join us !

CHP rapeseed
Productivity of one tonne of oilseed seed

The crude vegetable oil is a very promising possibility. Fallows allow us to more tests at lower inputs and economic hardship.
This tract can convert oilseeds, including those of fallow meal, fuel, heat and electricity. Take your accounting and watch the energy positions ie fuels, electricity, gas and ask what you can produce at home. Then look what consumes your neighbors and you'll be surprised.

Renewable energy is the most formidable challenge as agriculture has been facing.

To students

Our planet is suffering from pollution, soil depletion, accidents due to large production units.

Foresters and farmers are able to mitigate these risks by producing, rationally, a significant share of renewable energy. Do not forget that the earth is not ours, we're the custodians for future generations to whom we offer very few strong draft, generous and inspiring for those who tomorrow will return to their human life.

Peasants are getting into, braving many obstacles that may seem insurmountable.

To those who think that the future is to build

Many ways of energy production from agriculture are today profitable without external financial assistance.

The confrontation of peasants, producers of raw materials, with world markets: "10 € wheat is needed to make a person's bread for 1 an (30 mn of mobile phone)" has led to the intensification of their activity with the pollution and excesses that it has generated.

Energy production in short circuit can be used to meet the demand of the population by presenting some of the alternative to nuclear power and reducing emission CO2. A piece of the legal way is now open with us getting this year of authorization to grow on fallow oilseeds and cereals for heating and produce energy.


Rapeseed and sunflower provides own sources of protein, drawn and safe for animal feed, giving the farmer the full control of the supply of cattle. After 3 recent food crises, if a true food occurs accident, we can not say we were not warned.

In addition, they can be grown on fallow land.
He also has the ability to cover all or part of its electricity, heating and fuel. The fields fuel somehow.

Environment and pollution

Unlike fossil fuels, farmers and people of the wood can produce clean energy, renewable, local, without transport away from the conflicts of this world. Do not forget the huge number of black gold-related deaths.

We are given the space between the cities and given us money to grow while preserving it. The production of short-circuit energy can meet this challenge. The tools, resources, men are in place, lacking only you.

When I sow wheat in the fall at the time when the forest fires of all leaves, I know this is the last summer holidays. The ravens in the wind, the clouds running in the sky, the 11 November hairy, we mark the first frost descent towards winter.

All Internet and multimedia will never get my wheat to ripen before July.

These few seeds of life will have to live the cycles of time to mature. Many men try to shake the life cycles for hegemony on the blue planet while you ask others to defend Mother Nature's rhythms.


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