A mixture of gas and hydrogen to fuel the future?

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The Clean Gas project, conducted within the Network of Excellence AUTO21 Centre, may soon turn our engines to gas and hydrogen.

CLEAN GAS, referring to his English name: Combustion of Low-Emission Automotive-tailored Natural GAS, is led by Dr. Steven Rogak, associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of British Columbia and holds a Chair research on clean energy systems.

Among the most promising fuels for vehicles, hydrogen looks good, though its production costs do not make it attractive enough that it can be used as the sole source of energy. In contrast, natural gas is more abundant, but it is not completely clean, and its exhaust would require the same treatment as that which is applied to conventional fuels.

By against a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen could be a winning combination that rival what is found today in a service station. The first tests have shown that by mixing hydrogen with natural gas, in a proportion of about eight percent by energy content, it is possible to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and about half of the particles.


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