The global energy intensity decreases

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Energy intensity, amount of energy needed to produce a unit of GDP decreased by 1,5% average worldwide since 1990. very energy intensive disparities persist: Is 25% lower than the global average for Japan, Western Europe, Latin America and South Asia, but 40% higher for America North and Oceania. China, which had the highest level of energy intensity in 1980, saw its energy intensity down four times faster than the rest of the world: it is now within the worldwide average. These are some of the findings of a study on energy policies of 63 countries worldwide conducted by ADEME as part of the World Energy Council. The study "Policies and energy efficiency indicators in the World" assesses the effectiveness of various energy policy measures taken in these countries 63.


- Website of ADEME, cliquer ici.
- Oil and energy intensity, comparison of some countries


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