The IGAS would "terminate" Cyclamed

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A report of the IGAS (General Inspectorate of Social Affairs) submitted to the Minister of Health recommends to "terminate" Cyclamed, the collection device of unused drugs and drug packaging waste. The minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, wants to change the system but not delete it. The IGAS had been seized by the Minister in September 2004, following the discovery of a traffic drugs recovered by pharmacists. 21 complaints were filed on this report, but the future of the device is not questioned. Yet the report "Survey of Cyclamed drugs recycling device" is severe. First he criticizes "the mediocrity of the environmental report" without questioning the desirability of a separate collection system (which limits the burying of drugs in landfills whose risks are poorly understood), he notes that only 11,6 % of drug packaging is collected, and to 10 30% of unused medicines (MNU). Moreover, the humanitarian purpose of the device "has no place to be" major humanitarian associations (Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Doctors of the World ...) no longer wish to use the MNU. Indeed, these are either outdated or inappropriate to the needs or poorly packaged. The tonnage distributed MNU was divided by three to eight years, 510 tons on 3.211 2003 recovered.



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