Priorities Lepeltier in 2005

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At the traditional presentation of his vows to the press, the Minister of Ecology recalled its priorities for the year ahead:
- Fight against climate change: implementing the climate plan, preparation of "a new, more ambitious protocol the Kyoto Protocol."
- Preserving biodiversity: completing the Natura 2000, decision on the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrenees.
- Renovate the water policy: adoption of the draft Water Act, and adoption of action plans for each river.
- Prevent technological and natural risks and the fight against pollution: source reduction of waste, implementing provisions of the law risk 2003, implementation of health-environment scheme, parliamentary debates on nuclear safety and waste radioactive.
- Promoting sustainable development, including through a policy of promoting and steering research.
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Antoine Blouet

Note econology: "on"'ll talk in 365 days! I do not know but I have trouble believing his good faith


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