The different types of nuclear reactors

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The first generation of reactors include reactors developed in
the 50 / 70 years, in particular, those of natural uranium filiere
graphite gas (GCR) in France and filiere "Magnox" in the UK.
The second generation (70 / 90 years) seen in water reactors deployment
(The pressurized water reactors has for France and boiling water as
Germany and Japan) that now constitute more than 85% of the park
Nuclear power in the world, but also water reactors design
Russian (VVER 1000) and Canadian heavy water reactors has the Candu.
The third generation is ready to be built, taking over from
reactors of second generation, whether the EPR (European
Pressurized water Reactor) reactor or a boiling water SWR 1000 models
proposed by Framatome ANP (a subsidiary of Areva and Siemens) or the reactor
AP 1000 designed by Westinghouse.
The fourth generation, the raw industrial applications
could intervene 2040 the horizon, is under study.

Origin: Embassy of France in Germany - 4 pages - 4 / 11 / 2004

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