The two Normandy partners for a "motorisation" competitiveness cluster

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Upper and Lower Normandy have applied jointly to create a cluster centered on the engine which was called "energy, propulsion and sustainable development". This division can rely on the local industrial fabric which has major institutions specializing in oil refining (Total, ExxonMobil), electricity (three nuclear power plants), automotive (Renault, PSA) and aeronautics (Snecma, Hurel Hispano). Counting the subcontracting SMEs, this potential is estimated at about 350 companies. At these industrial facilities are supplemented by training organizations such as Insa Rouen and laboratories as the Interprofessional Research Complex Aerothermochemistry (Coria) Rouen and the National Technological Research (CNRT) on materials of Caen. The combination of Madrillet Technopole in Rouen specialized in engine combustion was involved in the installation of the project. The government has launched in the fall of a call for proposals for that in regions, companies, training organizations and research laboratories combine to create clusters. These poles whose candidacy must be filed no later than February 28 benefit from subsidies and tax incentives.


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