The "Bonus-Malus" returns ...

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Dominique de Villepin revived Thursday a form of "bonus-malus" for the most polluting cars, announcing that the registration document would be "based on the polluting vehicles" as of January 1er.

The Prime Minister said that "to 8% of vehicles, this will represent a doubling of the amount of the registration card," while "for other vehicles, this will be neutral."

According to his services, only vehicles emitting more than 140 CO2 grams per km will be taxed in addition to the current cost of the gray card: it will therefore be only a "penalty" for the most polluting vehicles, to pay one-time purchase.

The 8% of the highest taxes raised by the Prime Minister are very large sedans, minivans and some most 4X4, which all emit more than 200 CO2 g per km.

"The bigger cars are most penalized or not the core of the offer of French manufacturers," commented Thursday the president of the French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA) Manuel Gomez.

However, there would be no penalty or bonus for vehicles that emit fewer grams of 140 CO2 (20% of petrol vehicles and 40% of diesel vehicles registered in 2004).

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