Wood wool to insulate

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Properties and characteristics of the main natural and ecological insulation.

This page is part of the file on natural insulation.

3) wood wool

La laine de bois, assez méconnue, est élaborée à partir de fibre et de la lignine de bois, disponible (rarement) en rouleaux ou vrac, elle est la plupart du temps proposée en panneaux « aglomérés ». Elle possède l’une des meilleures performances du marché.

It adapts to all types of work (insulation of walls, roofs, eaves, exterior ...) and has a long life but a density, so a mass, which varies greatly and can be important. There are wool boards wood 50, 150 or 200 kg / m3.

Thermal properties:

  • Thermal conductivity (density): 0,039 (50 kg / m3) 0,042 (150 kg / m3) or 0,05 (200 kg / m3) W / m ° C.
  • Thermal resistance for a layer of 10 cm Excelsior 150 kg / m3: 0,1 / 0,042 2,38 = m² ° C / W.. In other words, a cork m2 of 10cm will pass 0,42W (1 / 2,38) per degree of temperature difference.

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