Jean Luc Perrier: solar hydrogen

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Extract from the article "The hydrogen car supplants the electric car" Luc Augier, Science and Life, 1979

Jean Luc Perrier, 34 years, professor at the Catholic University of Angers, believed to hydrogen but its limited resources do not allow it to care about performance.

This hydrogen, he chose to get from a solar installation providing steam, which drives a turbine which in turn activates a generator assigned to the electrolysis of water.

For now, Jean Luc Perrier materialized both ends of its chain.

  • A set of 263 mirrors fixed on a metal frame of 12 8,60 meters meters - pivoting with the sun through a photocell system - focusing heat on a boiler which they bear the temperature 800 ° C.

  • Transforming a motor Simca 1000 (purchased 300 F to the case and to display over 100 000 kilometers) operating propane, or hydrogen, either taken from bottles trade.
  • The adaptation carried out proves at least that the transformation is easy at the inlet of the carburettor, lead to a normal feed tube, a lower flow tube for idling operation and a "return" tube whose flow rate is modulated by a vacuum system taken from the usual ignition depression correction.

    The whole done with the means of the edge, with passion, with the sole intention of demonstrating that "it can work".

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  1. I'm Perrier Estelle, daughter of Jean-Luc Perrier. It lacks all of us ..
    Soon his book, his work, his passion ... will be online. I owe it to him and to you.

    1. In tribute to Mr. JLPerrier for his work on renewable energies and the vector H2.
      Receive our sincere considerations for his work.
      President of the association: "LES COMPAGNONS d'EOLE / CLUB HYDROGENE,

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