The Jap's Rods

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The Jap's Rods Inventor Noazarc Research Foundation, Doctor of Engineering Ben Shuwalts.

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D'after "rumors-information" circulating on the newsgroups, a Japanese surunitaire device would be "for sale" or about to be.

The information is to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, given the quality of information in a booklet with Japanese photography equipment "for sale" and 2 videos, the case is followed for signs of leaking!

Some technical information:

- This technology is based on photo-emf.

- The EM radiation the receiver operates as a solar panel, with the difference however that it can also operate at night.

- This research is the result of years 22 working on how to collect the energy of electrons from a broad radiation spectrum.

- Basic The mineral used in the receiver acts as the load in the electric conduction and produces a cloud of free electrons. A surface energy barrier retains the electrons in the receiver.

- This idea is not new, it dates from 1901, at the time when Tesla was granted a patent on a receiver "Device using the radiation." ... There is a difference, however, with the invention of today. It is believed that Tesla receiver had a thin metal plate covered with a transparent material, insulating ... More panel is set up as an antenna, the more effective it is. Son of the range from a portion of the panel to a portion of the capacitor and other son of the capacitor are grounded ... The sun's energy is charged and goes capacitor. A switching circuit switches the load that is in the capacitor and the electricity is obtained, the capacitor by the charging and discharging at a constant cycle. The quantity of electricity at the output depends on the size of the panels. Tesla explained very well this method - easy - to get electricity. The Tesla device is more than a solar panel because the energy can be captured at night. It is possible that it captures other radiation, not only solar energy but also cosmic radiation. Tesla touched there at the huge reserve of negative electricity of the Earth ... "

If the videos are quite impressive, no subterfuge seems visible, then it should question the view time of the "effect" ...

Then if that is durable, reliable, and harmless to the living, what is the sale price, taxation and behavior of the existing industries of energy with respect to this invention?

It remains in effect at least 46 720 Millards of $ (on an ideal base 80 million barrels / day to over $ 40 40 years) DUTY of proven oil reserves. A 70% tax this figure rises to about $ 150 000 of Millards. This only applies to oil, other energies doubling or tripling that figure easily.

Knowing this how to fix a sale price and how those who profit from the energy could abandon such a windfall?

Environmental considerations are unfortunately quite futile to such money!

In all cases it will be necessary to "throttle" the use of this energy source in one way or another. Firstly because all energy eventually dissipates heat (misuse of energy would heat the earth in a meteoric way) secondly because that says energy said possibility of transforming it into a weapon.


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