Ionization of the water vapor

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Document synthesis electrification-ionization of water vapor applied to the process Pantone water doping. By J.Rochereau.

Keywords: QED, DEQ, Electro Quantum Dynamics, Radiation, UV, Sonoluminescence, water doping, engine performance, ionization, hydroxyl, hydronium.


Here is a document of my own to offer an explanation for the drop in consumption observed with the water doping.

As an automotive engineer, the mystery of this system is a stimulant for me perpetual ...

One more theory will tell you ... It's true that between cold fusion, plasma, and more recently "the integral conversion of heat into mechanical work" ... everything (or almost) has passed ...

In contrast to the preceding, My explanation is based on the observations made by the people who use the water for doping, patents for inventions Recent past scientific work, and scientific work in progress in laboratories.

Christophe Martz, the webmaster of this site and I have tried to ensure that the document is quite readable and affordable for the greatest number. We hope that as many people will read it.

Otherwise, All cited documents and work is accessible on this site. And external sources are always specified when they have reason to be!

Document Summary

Briefly, the explanation of which the development is proposed, based on a drop in consumption only produced by the action of water vapor on fuel, due to its electric charge.

According to the pH of the water used, steam is more or less electrically charged and all experimental findings coincide in this hypothesis.

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Christophe Martz, following different assumptions from the beginning, is certainly convinced (at least in part) by one.

Perhaps we deceive us ... but perhaps not as experimental similarities are too many for them to be simply due to chance. The secret of Pantone engine is perhaps here!

Anyway, we hope that many people will try to experimentally test the validity of this explanation.

If the manipulations further confirm the theory, it "will" to obviously optimize the thing with or without the help of engine manufacturers ...

J. Rochereau the January 20 2007

More details

- Download the document "A credible explanation for water doping? "
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