Introduction and definition of solar energy

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Solar energy
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The sun "radiates" to Earth every year 40 000 times the energy needs that humanity consumes the form of fossil fuels.

Despite this, solar power remains a relatively untapped area.

Nevertheless the collective awareness make a fresh energy future (even if it is known and used for thousands of years).

Thus Germany has invested enormously in this energy and Friburg, on the French Alsatian border, has become the "capital of the solar", if not the "capital of the Sun."

There 3 uses of solar energy:

  • the production of heat: the "solar thermal",
  • the production of electricity: the "solar photovoltaic",
  • the production of a movement: the "solar mechanical".

Much research is underway in these areas 3, mainly to photovoltaics.

Indeed, the efficiency of photovoltaic cells is quite low, in the order of 20% maximum for military uses and to 10 15% (most) for civilian uses. Low yield that many improvements are possible in this area. And solar photovoltaic research is short ...

Solar thermal is more common than photovoltaics, rates and therefore the profitability of photovoltaics is so weak (not to mention the energy storage issues) it is generally limited to isolated sites ...

The 3 kinds solar energy in more detail:


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