Inauguration of a test facility for hydrogen technologies

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A dining controlled atmosphere for hydrogen technologies has opened on November 10 2004 has the battery Innovation Institute combustible NRC, at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia.
This public facility, unique in its kind, should allow companies and researchers to experiment and evaluate the vehicles and stationary systems electrogenes, Food once has the hydrogen in varied climatic conditions.

The opening of this facility is an important step towards the commercialization of the products subsequently assembled hydrogen and fuel cells.
Temperature, moisture and atmospheric pressure in the test room can be settled to simulate conditions ranging from the aridity of the desert has the freshness of high mountains, or the humidity of the tropics. Moreover, the volume of the room is enough to accommodate a complete vehicle which can be fixed a dynamometer a frame.
This installation is the result of a partnership between industry and government. Its funding is provided by the National Research Council, Diversification Canada Western Economic Chargers Canada has fuel.

source: National Council of Canada research, 10 / 11 / 04 transmitted by the Nicolas Hulot Foundation


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