Hybride HDi Citroen C-Cactus

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In the ruled Citroën CNG C3We waited for a long time, here is the first hybrid HDi publicly presented by a french manufacturer: Citroen.
The selling price should be reasonable but a worrying uncertainty marketing remains hypothetical.

The C-Cactus was presented in world premiere at the Frankfurt Show 2007.

Hybrid Citroën C-Cactus

Citroën has developed a concept of small sedan (4,2 1,8 meters long meters wide) equipped with a hybrid HDi drivetrain for the price of an entry-C4.

Its diesel hybrid powertrain combines a HDi diesel engine of 70 DIN hp (with a particulate filter DPF) and an electric motor providing additional power 30 DIN hp. It displays a consumer 3,4 l / 100 km and a level CO2 emission of 78 g / km. Exceptional performance for a vehicle in its class.

In addition, the C-Cactus uses a high proportion of recycled or recyclable materials.

Citroën announces that if (thus its marketing remains hypothetical) production layout had to be, it does not cost more than a family sedan midrange. This is due to a variety of new materials and a streamlined design that has reduced the number of parts used in short, a return to sobriety (at least apparent)? Just over 200 parts make up the interior of the C-Cactus, nearly two times less than a conventional hatchback of identical size.

Despite its simplicity, many facilities such as automatic air conditioning and a very énergievores premium audio system are integrated (see below) ...

The return to economic car? Hopefully ... if Citroën decides to market one day ...

Technical characteristics of the Citroën Cactus

- Dimensions

Length: 4 200 mm
Width: 1 800 mm
Height: 1 490 mm
Wheelbase: 2 800 mm
total weight: 1 306 kg (board batteries)

- Performance and consumption

Maximum speed: 150 km / h
Combined fuel consumption: the 3,4 / 100 km
Emissions CO2: 78 g / km

- Diesel Hybrid Power train

HDi diesel engine with FAP ch 70 and 5 BVA reports
30 hp electric motor housed in the clutch housing
ZEV mode

- Aerodynamics

Cx: 0,35
CdA: 0,8 m²

- Ground connection
C4 platform

- Main equipment

navigation system with touch screen
MP3 mobile reader with touch screen making ignition key office
Automatic air conditioning
Premium audio system
Limiter / cruise control
Electric Parking Brake

C-Cactus Discussion forums

Download the press kit of the hybrid Citroën Cactus


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