Gravitation: the Universons, Future Energy

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Claude Poher, Editions du Rocher - Oct. 2003 - 308 pages - ISBN: 2-268-04789-X Paperback - Black and White


The author shows that interstellar travel of mankind are possible, and explains why they are. This book is the result of over two decades of research and patient personal collection of experimental verification
The first part analyzes the main challenges to enable humans to travel between the stars. The second part presents a new quantum theory of gravitation developed by the author, based on multiple observations made. This new theory is confronted with success in several experimental results. It is, first, confirmed by the trajectory of all distant interplanetary probes. But it is also supported by the speed of stars in galaxies. This theory thus reveals a natural solution to interstellar travel. The third part offers a new way to interstellar space propulsion. The comparative analysis of the characteristics of this type of propulsion with data from many UFO observation testimonies in the world for over half a century, is particularly eloquent. The concepts developed by the author, and born of his official research on the UFO phenomenon, seem to carry a scientific revolution, technical, industrial and social for humanity

excerpts: "The quantum theory of gravitation, which is explained in the book, proves to have far-reaching potential consequences for humanity. This is a characteristic "well hidden", but real nature, which is thus put in evidence. (...) Indeed, this prediction means that gravity, that is to say the gravity, is quantified. And, if it is quantified, it is because there exists, everywhere in the Universe, a colossal energy from which it seems possible to draw grandiose applications. "" Wherever the gravitational acceleration is very low, the importance of quantum fluctuations associated with the cosmological flow Universons becomes predominant. (...) "(...) there are many possible potential applications relating to the discovery of the quantification of gravitation. It's time to talk about it !!! "


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