Shale gas extraction, environmental and health risks

Shale Gas Review Board. Report of Investigation and Public Hearing Report by the BAPE (Office of Public Hearings on the Environment) of 144 pages on the exploration and exploitation of shale gas and the potential environmental, health and social problems of its exploitation . Introduction Shale gas exploration and development projects [...]

Download: Driving without oil video interview with Pierre Langlois

Rolling without oil, synthetic video interview by Pierre Langlois P. Langlois is Ph.D, author of the book "Rouler sans pétrole" in which Econologie is quoted. More information: extracts from the book of Pierre Langlois and result of the research on Pierre Langlois. Download the file (an inscription to the Newsletter may be required): Roll without oil, [...]

Taxation, taxation and cost of petroleum fuels: TIPP and VAT

Everyone knows that petroleum fuels are heavily taxed. But what are precisely the weight and nature of these taxes and how are the different costs of a liter of fuel divided? This article attempts to answer this question briefly.

On the basis of one liter of petrol fuel sold 1,02 € here is what makes up this price on the following parity: 1,2 $ = 1 € (since the [...]