The nuclear fusion: a pillar of energetics mix of the future

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From a current perspective, the nuclear fusion, renewable energies and
combustion of coal with CO2 separation are the only acceptable long-term power generation solutions in Germany. This is what emerges from the study "Electric power supply 2020 - Perspectives and needs" published recently by the energy company (ETG
- Energietechnischen Gesellschaft).

The study analyzes in particular the alternatives for the supply of
15 energy in the years to come: by 2020, antiquated plants with a cumulated power and 40 gigawatts of nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 20 gigawatts need to be replaced throughout Germany.

The study conducted by the ETG uses three different calculation models to analyze how differently weighted use of renewable energies, fossil fuels and nuclear energy has an effect on climate protection and investment needs
by 2020.

The vision until 2020 however, does not give definitive perspective: fossil gas oil and energy holders for example be in accordance with all prognoses exhausted or economically unprofitable in a few generations; they will have to be replaced by other sources of energy.

Only the coal would have a period of sufficiently high life, the availability of nuclear fuel uranium is also limited.
According to the study, only three sources of primary energy are considered for the future: "From the current point of view, only an energy mix consists of the three pillars of renewable energies, coal (with elimination of CO2) and nuclear fusion, is
for the production of long-term electricity ".

The comprehensive study and a summary report are available at the address:

- Max Planck Institut fur Plasmaphysik (Garching), Tel: + 49 89 3299 1288,
Fax: + 49 89 3299 2622, E-Mail:, Internet:
- VDE, Internet: Energieversorgung + 2020.htm>
Sources: Depeche IDW, Press release of the PPI, 22 / 03 / 2005
Editor: Nicolas Condette,


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