The Chirac Foundation for Sustainable Development

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Jacques Chirac today inaugurated his own foundation, the Fondation Chirac (simply), at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris and in front of international personalities.

The goals of the foundation are to promote peace, dialogue of cultures and the dà © sustainable development.

Chirac foundation

"The responsibilities of a statesman do not end with his public mandates. Beyond political commitment, remains the commitment of man, the meaning of his struggles, what he believes in "Has dà © Clara © La € ™ © PRA former french president.

"The food crisis or the shake-up of global finances remind us that our world is confronted with an unprecedented combination of perils", Jacques Chirac has custody. "We must proceed (...) to a revolution in our ways of life, we must do it now. Tomorrow, it will be too late".

These phrases remind of à © strangely the famous speech of 2002, "The house burns but we look elsewhere" but few followed by concrèts facts.

The premières shares of the Chirac Foundation will seek to foster € ™ access to medicines mà © The € ™ access to the € ™ water, the fight against deforestation and dà © à © ger being protected languages and cultures threatened © es.

A guest "surprise", Nicolas Sarkozy, with the stuff and who may not be appreciated not to be officially invited?

Quoiquâ € ™ it may, without any controversy © nomic policy, we welcome the initiative of € ™ € ™ former President Prà © français and look forward actions in practice.

The site its forums could be a source of inspiration Dâ € ™ solutions for the foundation at which we wish a lot of success and mà © diatisation.

In dà © fight on our forums: Chirac inaugurated the foundation © e


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