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Saving the USA, Iran or the world?

published: 03/02/06, 17:26
by Christophe
It's a bit long but very informative to me after ... you have to see the truth of all about ...

The Bush administration will never allow the Iranian government to open a stock exchange where the oil will trade in euros. If that happened, hundreds of billions of dollars would flood back the US dollar collapsing and destroying the economy. This is why Bush and Co. are planning to lead the nation to war against Iran. It is simply to protect the current system of globalization and perpetual domination of the dollar as reserve currency.

The claim that Iran is developing nuclear weapons is nothing but a pretext to launch the war. The NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) predicts that Iran will not be able to produce nuclear weapons before perhaps ten years. Like the IAEA chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, has repeatedly said that his agency inspectors had found "no evidence" of a nuclear weapons program.

There are no nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons programs, against the economy of Iran poses an existential threat to the USA.

The USA monopolize the oil market. It is estimated in dollars and traded on either the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) on IPE (London International Petroleum Exchange) both belonging to the United States. This forces all the world's central banks to keep huge stocks of dollars.

The monopoly of the US currency illustrates perfectly the pyramid scheme. As long as nations are forced to buy oil in dollars, the US can continue to waste outrageously with impunity. (The dollar now accounts 68% of the currency of global capital against 51% ten years ago) The only threat to this strategy is the competition that would project a stock market of independent oil; forcing the wobbly dollar to confront a more stable currency (debt free) such as the euro. This would compel central banks to diversify their holdings, sending billions of dollars in the USA, we guarantee to kick a devastating hyper inflation cycle.

The effort to keep away from the headlines this information on the Iranian oil exchange market was very well done. A simple Google search shows that no major newspaper has reported the opening of the stock exchange. The dislike of the media for the conflicting stories that serve the public interest has been evident in many other cases, such as the fraudulent presidential election in 2004, the Downing Street Memo, and the crushing of Falluja. Rather than inform, the media serves megaphone in the policies of governments and manipulate public opinion by rehashing the specious demagoguery of the Bush administration. So, few people have any idea of ​​the seriousness of the current threat to the US economy.

This is not a case of "liberals against conservatives." Those who have analyzed the problem all arrived at the same conclusion: if the Iranian market opens, the dollar will plunge and the US economy shattered.

This is what says Krassimir Petrov economist in a recent article: [The Iranian Oil Bourse in Question-

"From a purely economic point of view, if the exchange of Iranian oil was gaining momentum, it would blithely followed by major economic powers and precipitate the death of the dollar ..."

As for the right Alan Peter analyst, he states in his article [Menace Mollahs-

200 million US nationals (users) could end up on the street, unemployed and hungry, with nothing and no one able to rescue them or help them, contrary to soup kitchens and other charitable support seen during the Great Depression of 1920 / 30 ... "

Such a crash would result in soaring interest rates, hyperinflation, astronomical energy costs, massive unemployment and, perhaps, depression. Here is the troubling scenario if the Iranian exchange is recognized and it collapses the dollar from its high perch. This is what makes war so likely, even nuclear war.

Now we can understand why the kindly affiliated media multinationals have omitted any mention of a new oil market in their blankets. It's a secret that the pillars of management would rather keep to themselves. It is easier to convince the public with stories of nuclear weapons and Muslim fundamentalists rather than justify launching a war to save an anemic dollar. Nevertheless, it is the dollar that the US defend Iraq and possibly soon in Iran too. (Saddam had converted to the euro in 2000. The bombing started in 2001)

peaceful alternatives

There are peaceful solutions to this dilemma, but not if the Bush administration continues to hide behind stupid deception of terrorism or imaginary nuclear weapons program. Bush needs to get clear with the Etatsunien people regarding the true nature of the global energy crisis and stop invoking Bin Laden and AMD to justify its policy of aggression. We need a energy strategy (including state funding for conservation projects, alternative energy sources and the development of a new line of hybrid vehicles "made in USA") for sincere negotiations with Iran to regulate the annual oil quantity sold in euros (to facilitate an orderly exit from the dollar) and finally a "collective international approach" of consumption and distribution of energy (under the auspices of the meeting General of the UN)

Greater parity of currencies should be encouraged as a way of strengthening democracies and invigorating markets. This is the promise of breath new life into free trade that allowing other political models to flourish without fear of being swallowed up by capitalism. The current dominance of the dollar has created a global empire that is largely dependent on debt, torture and war to maintain its supremacy.

The Iranian oil exchange poses the greatest challenge to the dollar monopoly and its supporters of the Federal Reserve. If the Bush administration continues its intention of anticipatory nuclear strikes on the so-called weapons sites, their allies will be all the more alienated and the others will be forced to respond. As Dr. Petrov says, "The countries with the most dollars could decide to respond calmly by selling off their own mountains of dollars, thus preventing the US from further financing their bellicose ambitions. "

There are chances that the absolute champion of the current system is the same that leads to destruction.

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published: 03/02/06, 20:25
by krissg29
Very interesting!
and like other articles in Nexus, for example.
no controversy! : Cheesy:
I think I found the original
there are some small differences with the translation.

published: 04/02/06, 00:04
by jean63
Thank you, I read this article from the news .....

It's amazing what is said in this site indymedia-paris (qque thing that come .....) which is behind the information. Here at least it changes the 20 hours TF1 !!

published: 04/02/06, 00:08
by Christophe
Nexus .... all of a sudden this article loses credibility in my eyes ....

In any case there already is some mistake the US has not resumed the bombing 2001 on Iraq ... they never arrété (almost) since 1991!

published: 04/02/06, 02:00
by gegyx
1- In Nexus No. 37 2005 from March to April: "The Dollar seriously threatened" (from Muse-Letter No. 149 2004 August), 8 pages

2- In Nexus No. 39 2005 July Aour "Iran / USA - The" war on tyranny "will it take place?"
Richard Heinberg - MuseLetter ( )
explains 9 pages, all the issues at stake.
---- I intervened on December 12 in this post: ... t1290.html

You're going to say: Nexus = "not serious" because it does not verify the information from websites, that book.
But "foreshadowed ideas" since August 2004 and times by one and the other ...
Obviously the hyped Iranian nuclear risk, relayed by the media, this will cover Iran to open a purse of € barrel.
It was also the intention of Saddam ...

published: 04/02/06, 02:49
by gegyx
Here is an analysis of JP Petit, on the economic, geopolitical tensions, open the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Iran, but also on Bush's speech, and perhaps the other option that hides in content, about the technological resources of the USA.

published: 04/02/06, 14:00
by Christophe
Sorry I boycote the site JPPetit since he took me for a fool by not corrigant (despite my requettes) LOURDES the mistake he made about me on its pages ... but there is also d other reasons I would not surrender plubliques.

published: 04/02/06, 21:29
by krissg29
small Parentese, another article on oil and the economy
and who do not come from Nexus

to return to iran:
Google search:
and some results on the subject
and one from a stock market website

there it made several quite different sources on the same subject and with the same notice

the last link is the translation of this article

published: 05/02/06, 00:05
by gegyx
So they are information that dominate the news for some time:
Iran wants to make atomic bombs under cover of developing civilian power plants. Nothing new in there, since all small nations possess the bomb, have done the same ...
Iran wants to attack Israel, the first missile will be for this country ...
Under attack from Iran, only ...
It showcases about (intolerable) threatening Israel ... But I imagine that it must be the everyday language of Iran's leaders for ages, to galvanize the people and the Arab public (nothing new; even the Chinese brocardaient US imperialism: the Paper Tiger)
The EU considering a preemptive nuclear attack, to counter the threat of nuclear proliferation.
Even Germany and France are going in the same direction (with Douste the front, one is assured of the future fiasco ...). Chirac adds a layer, announcing that the French nuclear power exchange concept; previously deterrent, it becomes preventive, with the possibility to use against terrorist groups ... (From the great anything!)
Therefore trivializing the use of nuclear weapons, led to a country which claims to acquire long after the sanctimonious country.
All this is sleazy ...
Response from Iran: past few days, the affair of the cartoons of Mohammed, which was relayed to outrageous manner, and blown up in all communities and the Arab countries (even Palestinian demonstrations against France).
Europe and the US, disbelievers are now demonized desire, for the majority of Muslims around the world (including in resident communities). A beautiful thorn in the side for supporting the attack on Iran ... And to give birth to a unanimity of disapproval, and a total rejection of the West, in case of clash!
All this becomes worrying. Do not be fooled ...

published: 05/02/06, 11:22
by A2E
but tell me?
since our distant ancestors Cromagnons (males) who gathered together and began to fell a mammoth and then become enemies once the slaughtered animal at the time of sharing the meat and today, so tell me what's changed ?
since the dawn of mankind it (male sex in general) think only monopolize the property, territory, females, food and above all the power of its congénaires as most animals ( one has only to observe these that sometimes fight to death for a piece of meat, a piece of territory and one or females) well my observation: but NOTHING REALLY NOTHING !!!!!!!! !!!! : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: : Evil: