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Engines or processes over unity, debate and ideas ?Thinking differently: integrated energy

Myth or reality? The question remains! You decide on this part of the forum, processes such as Tesla's inventions, Newman, Perendev, Galey, Bearden, cold fusion ...

Search of perpetual motion is a "fantasy" of the human mind for centuries ...
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Thinking differently: integrated energy

Unread Messageby prenma » 28/09/04, 05:25

The term "integrated energy" is often used in the restricted sense to the computerized integration of energy accounting.
We mean by integrated energy much more than that!


Are you sure that the "official" approach to energy / facilities does not hide unexpected costs?

Why, for example, the liberalization of the energy market does not keep its promises to reduce prices?

Should we not think otherwise?

Real liberalization is not limited to a simple opening up to wider competition! A true liberalization brings out the beaten paths and opens in the first place new horizons in the way of thinking.

Do you think it would be more profitable to schedule your consumptions in time and quantity than to try to "get sellers from kWh to the mill"?
Do you pay your raw materials the same price if you buy them at the last minute or if you buy them at term?
Many say yes but electricity is different! It is only different because the needs are not anticipated in real time according to your production chain, but on a single historical basis!

Why would electricity not be a "raw material" that would eventually be bought with zero-in-time?

Let us introduce ourselves:

Proactive Energy Management is a small consulting firm located in Brussels.
We focus on integrated energy. The waste-energy chain is also part of it as a potential for synergies!
In fact, we offer a comprehensive cost reduction by integrating synergies between areas of technology and various trades. We value what is "forgotten" between the various trades.

We focus on the value chain (core business of the company) and manage the global "facilities" by also using techniques related to renewable energies.

We do not follow the logic of the structures in place that promote technologies (cogeneration, methanisation, solar, wind, etc.) or of sectors (forestry, agriculture, etc.). The center of gravity is not the overall performance of your business!

Our goal is to enhance your value chain by integrating these technologies.
This is the reverse!

To find out more, open the pdf file from our website:
<a href=' 'target='_blank'> .. .tEnManLinks.pdf </a>
Contact us:
You are welcome on our website.

At your request, we will gladly send you a printed copy with a presentation CD.

We will admit that our approach encounters difficulties in that the usual way of thinking does not integrate recent management concepts such as "Winner-Winner", the "Six Sigma" approach and others. In addition, the very vertical and cloisonné structures in crafts and specialties are not questioned! And yet these compartments conceal unsuspected costs!

Your comments are welcome
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