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Engines or processes over unity, debate and ideas ?Approval of a "water motor"

Myth or reality? The question remains! You decide on this part of the forum, processes such as Tesla's inventions, Newman, Perendev, Galey, Bearden, cold fusion ...

Search of perpetual motion is a "fantasy" of the human mind for centuries ...
I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Unread Messageby yahi » 02 / 09 / 05, 13: 12

En pratique, n'importe quel moteur essence tournera en injectant de l'H2 pure dans la pipe d'admission ( pas trop loin du moteur car l'hydrogène traverse certain matériaux par un phénomène de faut donc travailler la dessus pour optimiser la chose également ) mais pour optimiser son utilisation il faut travailler sur les 2 point cité plus haut...Bref c'est inateignables pour les particluliers que nous sommes...


it's not top top what but it works! ..

Do you think that the changes could be suitable for a student project in mechanics?
you must know the Joliverie south of nantes who is the competition micro joule, with them there is way to achieve a project in partnership! They have equipment and know how to do this kind of traffic on the engines?
if I find an OCCAZ engine to pass them, it can be interesting!
if not actually individual, I can not afford to do such manipulation is on!

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When will we have the right to stop using oil?
Free object!

I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby Blasil10 » 04 / 09 / 05, 19: 10

Personally, I have this link:

<a href='' target='_blank'> </a>

B) B) but without any doubt already mentioned ...

I like impossible missions (... music :D )

but has this type of engine been discussed in the forum?
I did not find in the archives .. :(

But only the result counts indeed ... if it is the solution: :D
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