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Engines or processes over unity, debate and ideas ?Life Cycle Assessment of a car and CO2

Myth or reality? The question remains! You decide on this part of the forum, processes such as Tesla's inventions, Newman, Perendev, Galey, Bearden, cold fusion ...

Search of perpetual motion is a "fantasy" of the human mind for centuries ...
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Life Cycle Assessment of a car and CO2

Unread Messageby binder » 19/12/07, 11:08

I hope this post is on the right subject. I have not found a "hair cell".
Regarding the recursive question: how much you need it to keep her car if we want to reject the change less cO2? What is the payback?
I did some quick calculations assuming an uncertainty of 30%.
-The Passage of a car emitting 170gCO2 / km 135gCO2 / km is such a TDiesel 306 307 to HDI. This represents 35g / km.
Carbon -Results of a company like PSA with 2M vehicle / year
-do not considering emissions of GHG aircon

I led to the result of 180 000 km + - 30%. But it is very objectionable!

Do you have data, references, publications in this direction.
Thank you for your posts !!!
P. Binder
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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Unread Messageby Gregconstruct » 19/12/07, 11:17

It seems to me that should be taken case by case!

The construction of a vehicle not being the construction of another, etc ...
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 19/12/07, 11:31

I am often asked this sort of question (not just yours). When you talk of the carbon balance of PSA, which have you found?

And have you considered the embodied energy and by extension the gray CO2 in your calculation?

From my side I tjrs read a new car "was costing" about 30 000km of CO2, without ever having absolute certainty (no official figures).

This is your pkoi CO2 figures PSA me very interested.

Besides, we could extend the reasoning to (at least) 2 other resources:
- Electricity: how many kWh / new car?
- Water: how L / new car?

For water I think it is of the order of 2 times the mass of the car. But again no certainties and then in a few years these figures should strongly have fallen!

To do well should also consider the extraction, transport and production of raw materials, as the paths of the plant employees ... etc etc ... (yes I know I chipotte but ...) ....
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Unread Messageby Flytox » 19/12/07, 20:01

Bonjour Christophe
Christophe wrote:...
To do well should also consider the extraction, transport and production of raw materials, as the paths of the plant employees ... etc etc ... (yes I know I chipotte but ...) ....

More and more manufacturers "French" do more than assemble spare parts that come from subcontractors and from abroad, so to conduct your investigation the work will be "Kolosal". not be giving them a good grace, it's not salesman to say that for a French car, almost everything is done abroad ... : Mrgreen:

We can, perhaps, get an idea with chunks at a time they received all engines assembled / loans (Valeo?).
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