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Water injection in engines: montages and experimentsbackground reflections ... and shape!

Edits and changes to engines, experiences, findings and ideas.
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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background reflections ... and shape!

Unread Messageby Soland » 24/11/04, 22:55

Dear friends,

I think I read through the site quanthome etv this forum;
Despite the fatigue, the late hour and the amount of work that awaits me (besides I have to get up demanin morning ...) I am not able to convey sréflexions illico me: courage and patience read well up moii after and say if I'm wrong!

1 / I consider that the man is fully man vraimentr when porend in hand and actor left his fate:
thus, the man who produces and cooking his food, is able to heat up, to design and build his house, etc ... is a man "full" Alas, decerebration initiated decades arendu us incapable of what was nevertheless aware there is not so longyemps!
sI EDF TOMORROW CUP JUICE? IF IN 40? IL N4Y MORE oil, if we continue to desertify the planet: how we sure heat us, we will move ... we eat?
> il faut se prendre en main, et au moins se documenter sérieusement , pour choisir les meilleures (ou moins mauvaises ) options!

> To the restive DIY, unfit to technology, the less gifted or pure intelledctuels, we must find a solution which is one of the social animal is man: the exchange: I do not know or nne want to make my bread: I exchange with one who is able to do!

2 / Concretely:
Design unions and / or local associations or each give their time and skills, and the other ... something else or money
> RD
> Prototype construction
> improvement
> Maintenance

3 / Grade:
> Pantone couple with HVB and the whole, the maximum bio

4/ Personnelment,
> I have a place to bring people together
> I have the idea of ​​touching and group members "cooparatives bio" organic producers, and other interested
> conférences explicatives "prix coutant"
> proposition d'adhésion à une coope d'experimentation, production et maintenance
> Mounting "the statutes of the said structures (I am a lawyer by training)
> Premises and equipment regards the measures adopted experimentations and manufacturing

5/ je ne fais tout celà que si l'on parvient rapidement à une taille critique d'adhérents, et idem au niveau de l aRD et de la fabrication


A disposition,


Francois 06 11 43 05 31
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