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Water injection in engines: montages and experimentsPantone engine in the Paris region

Edits and changes to engines, experiences, findings and ideas.
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby coyote2 » 21/05/06, 21:18

Otherwise, I wondered if it was possible to meet in Paris or the Paris region in a cool place (seal park ...) to make contact and exchange experiences?

PS: because of the job I could not see the answers until Thursday.
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Grand Econologue
Grand Econologue
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Unread Messageby lau » 23/05/06, 11:09

Hello coyote and thank you for the info! 8)

I live in Provence, so it's going to far.
Try to contact the Pitmix forum name, it is in your area and very passionate.
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Unread Messageby rezut » 23/05/06, 12:58

hello I'm paris (I do not know yet or) next week at the 30 2 if you want to discuss mail me before Monday night after I'm training and I would probably not have internet access

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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby tof » 29/07/06, 18:12

Tof in 2004 wrote: Hello

Christophe, 35 years 94 creteil, electronicien (foreman of a large hi-video brand), I discovered the PANTONE process last we (!).
Free on Sunday and Monday (Sunday and Wednesday in a very short time), I am ready to invest myself in all forms (resources, time (within reasonable limits, forcing family), and financial).

I think we should at first, after having had contacts on this forum with say a dozen people minimum, do a physical encounter with the people of the region. (Deja, I'm not far from Marc above!).




I returned after almost 2 year absence :( .
I missed the appointment?
If there are motivated people, I vieu Recycling a single cylinder engine Bernard 2OO cm3 4 time running (try the super-leaded) partion to hack. I have very little space at home (but small garden) and have absolutely nothing to work mechanics. The motor has nothing to load, it comes on a toothed wheel chain.
Being currently unemployed, I have free time.
If people are motivated, contact me by PM or on my mail: zetofzone "at"

PS: I am also very interested in the production of hydrogen by water electrolysis. In addition it is more in my abilities (electronics).

Soon, Tof
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby lepierro » 17/11/06, 23:31


Pierre, now in management and computer science master, I love DIY. I am very curious. I want to see what has been done concretely, so if there are people who are being DIY or have finished I will be delighted to meet them and to spin a hand if possible.
I hope my computer knowledge can help make these innovations more efficient but also better now disseminate information on the subject.

see you soon.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby bauzatrunk » 08/02/07, 17:08


I am motivated by the Pantone system unfortunately I am not a fine technician but I can bring a test vehicle (golf 2 gasoline) and make sure to update the test subjects so that only raises more questions about the pantone and all is clear.
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Unread Messageby RolCopter » 21/04/07, 23:25

Bonjour à tous

The title of this post is Caring :?

I have a job right now but hey! At the same time it gives you an idea of ​​my background, even if I do not just put everything on a small CV lol.

Main activity station on automotive manufacturing and assembly equipment (CNOMO standards).
(Robotics, vending machines, continuous handling, etc.)
low current (data transport, optical fiber and copper)
Managing teams Construction & responsibility
Mechanical engines and heavy equipment
Assembly, Lifting, Heavy Handling
Boiler making, Metalwork
industrial Automation
data processing
Soft: TTX, Spreadsheets, electronic diagram.
Hard: installation, repair, update.
English (Basic technical reading)
Last edited by RolCopter the 30 / 05 / 08, 17: 33, 1 edited once.
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T3RPR []
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby T3RPR [] » 06/06/07, 10:45

Hello you!

It's been a while now that I travel your site and forum and that I hallucinates about your work and especially their results ^^ but every time that I was talking about me I n 'that was attracting scorn and rejection when that dice I was explaining the principle of "Pantone" and especially nearby the mécanniciens: S, so I have too often pushed this desire to know more see m 'put by saying "anyway if it really worked the manufacturers the series would install and propose the installation kits compatible for all vehicles on the market! "

But over time after having done extensive research over the net on different topics like Kennedy, Clearstream, the 11 September and his hunt for bin ladden to how dubious, Patrice Lumumba, Chernobyl etc. etc. etc. ...
J 'stop there but this little list of topics untoward but how important to the story is far from exostive you will doubt you ^^ but I do not embetterais you with that here I promise, there has other sites and forums for that :)
In short all this to say that my way of thinking about how our politicians, bankers and lobbies govern us and evolve our society A RADICALALLY CHANGE !!!

And after seeing as several videos on google video or dailymotion of examples that work very well on vehicles like the R21 JT FT1 or more recently the communal car on france3 and it was the same ... If the declic councils s' put there now ... ^^

I have learned there is a splendid 2 months now Toyota Previa 1993 8 ESSENCE contains real seats with 150 000 KM on the odometer and set apart the catalyst changed all rolls on this vehicle!
We have paid € 2000 ... but revenge consumption is spectacular! 13L 15L / 100KM has an urban cycle: S so it's natural that I have started thinking about this and I have very quickly install a "ECOBOX" but I must admit that its economy remains very small in the end. ..
So after a long reflection I intend to try my luck with this process to how promoter!

On the other hand small hic, I am technitien informatique and my knowledge in terms of mechanics have stopped on my Mobylette 103 LC which go back to 10 years now ...
On the other hand I have 2 friends who do a lot of work that could help me and who are quite willing (and they would count on it if the editing was done concluding on my Previa ^^)
Otherwise, I reside in the Paris region (94) which will help I hope :D
Regarding the budget it seemed to me that for about 100 € a model Pantone was realizable but if a perfect optimization of the process is more expensive I would not be looking, finally no more 500 € noplus (remark I have not read Maximum price notplus ^^) even if when you consume like my Previa one learns quickly to relative

PS: Do you think that in terms of feasibility the fact that the engine is located under the driver's seat is a problem?

Good on this I apologize for the mini novel lol and I am waiting for your opinion on my project!
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 06/06/07, 11:58

T3RPR [] wrote: But whenever I spoke about it I only attracted mockery and rejection as soon as I explained the principle of the "Pantone" and this especially to the mechanics: S, so I have too often rejected this desire of 'To find out more about putting me in by telling me "anyway if it really works the builders would install it as standard and would offer compatible installation kits for all the vehicles on the market!"

The "classic" reaction of the "Si ca marcheait ca saurait". In the same way we can quote: "The Earth is flat", "The heaviest that the air can not fly" ... etc etc ... It is not far from the mental fachism ...

Psychologists surely know how to put learned words on this type of behavior ... Fear of novelty? Fear of being challenged? Fear of confessing his mistakes ... etc etc ... Let's not be the subject ...

I hope that the recent Press Conference of Vitry "Closes the valves" to our detractors ...More info here

For your project, I suggest you start reading in detail this part of the forums: ... -vf42.html

But know that petrol engines are less advantageous than diesel engines to receive a doping with water (no regulation)
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Pantone engine Researcher
Pantone engine Researcher
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Unread Messageby PITMIX » 06/06/07, 21:17

I'm your neighbor no problem for us to meet and work together if necessary.
PS: I have material available to make the baby so it will cost you the price of your elbow grease.
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