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Re: Palm oil: the sad renunciation of Hulot

Unread Messageby izentrop » 19/06/18, 12:31

dede2002 wrote:The Congo is the African country richest in mineral resources, more than South Africa, it is also the reason for these fratricidal wars!
It is also one of the largest primary forest remaining, destroying it to make fuel will not "enrich" the country, since it does not even happen with its precious metal mines ...
Except that it is a question of replacing moribund palms with new ones that are much more productive.
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I understand econologic
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Re: Palm oil: the sad renunciation of Hulot

Unread Messageby ENERC » 19/06/18, 19:45

If there was no hope of signing for 1,9 ® € for the purchase of Rafale by Indonesia, all this ineptitude would not be there.
Hulot has yielded to the lobby of the arms industry and hopes that Europe will ban this project: it's not me, it's him!

For palms, if we put a little money to find solutions to parasites that decimate the palm groves, we would have done at least something useful. We are not going to replace the palm trees with oil palm oil anyway.
Well, I'm told that this is the plan. : Frown:
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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Re: Palm oil: the sad renunciation of Hulot

Unread Messageby Mike12721 » 20/06/18, 09:39

Plant palm trees on a vacant lot.

Apparently I did not speak well.
The real question would be earlier in the following sense:

If I had to own a vacant lot in a tropical country, what would be the impact on the environment of planting palm trees for planting coconut trees?

Do palms need specific care (for example against Fusarium wilt, heart rot and seed dormancy) that require chemicals that are harmful to the environment?

Thanks for any answer,

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Re: Palm oil: the sad renunciation of Hulot

Unread Messageby Ahmed » 20/06/18, 11:54

Izentrop, you write:
It is important that African democracies strengthen themselves to finally be able to grab a piece of the pie.

The democratic expression is not compatible with the countries subjected to the economies of rent which are the mining extractions (in the broad sense): it is more the clans which express their domination in a brutal way, under a background of external pressures. A democratization of public life, in the sense that it takes in the West, presupposes access to a form of economy that is significantly more distributive, which allows and requires a public consensus essentially through the control of opinions via the press and the media. media, but how do you think that palm oil comes out of the extractivist scheme?

As the note pertinently ENERC : all that to run cars! : roll:
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