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Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...PV or PAC or nothing? I'm lost!

Renewables except electric or solar thermal (see sub-forums dedicated below): wind, marine energy, water and hydroelectricity, biomass, biogas, deep geothermal ...
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Unread Messageby yacha » 25/06/09, 16:11

hello I bring my modest contribution to your problem, at the beginning of last year I was faced with the same problem, a pavilion of the 70 years equipped with a beautiful oil boiler that reached the end of life, I was offered a pac air water for replace my old boiler for the modest sum of 16000 euros, after having long dragged on the forums I took the step for a pellet boiler, all simple all for 7500 euro posed, now after a winters of heating I do not regret my buying certainly the price of pellet boilers still remains higher than a fuel oil boiler, the storage of pellet can be a problem is true, but as it was said above the price of the pac is really abused, my thinking at the time was was the next in how many years I was going to amortize my investment ....
good luck to you
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Unread Messageby Did67 » 25/06/09, 17:15

Storage on the floor, two remarks:

- if it is a standard slab, it supports 350 kg / m², but it should, if you go automated storage (automatic extraction with screws), a silo avce bottom in V, so you concentrate until 1 ton / m² !!! Of course, you can scatter as you did for the grain, then "gather" in a hopper every 15 days ... But it's gone for 20 years, it may become boring!

- make sure your delivery person can blow it up; there will be cumulative distance + height difference; be careful that in the end he does not have to put pressure on you so that he does not smash you half of the pellets ..
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby cantarossini » 25/06/09, 18:29


if you spend on PV by reselling the surplus to edf you will do a quadruple bargain :P car
: Arrow: it will not cost you any input (aids and simple financial arrangements will be proposed to you)
: Arrow: your fuel will no longer generate CO2
: Arrow: you'll put the nuclear in the closet
: Arrow: you will derive from all this a surplus income guaranteed during 20 years by EDF (from the 7 eme year in general)

I see this as a good solution that satisfies a set of values ​​and the compromise to be made in any case because it is true that perfect products absolute there is none.
Even if at the moment the equipment has a tariff a little high, that it does not hold at best even in the meantime you will not get a lower rate for a long time because it is the biggest market on 10 years to come up.
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 26/06/09, 11:10

cantarossini, are you sure, as you say You can consult it by clicking here., not to be a PV pro?

To read you, I begin to doubt ... seriously!

As for your 4 points of argument I disassemble the first 3 in 30 seconds:

1) If it was so easy: pkoi everyone does not have it? And you have some?

2) What oil and pv ink report? It is at the limit of bonimensonge !!

3) The good joke: the profitability of PV is made possible only through nuclear power. Move along, there's nothing to see!

4) Okay, but it's finance, not ecology ...

1 € invests in PV is 6 times less profitable on energy savings than 1 € invests in insulation!

It would be high time to prevent mounting PV on homes that are not standard insulation level!
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I Citro
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Econologue expert
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Unread Messageby I Citro » 26/06/09, 12:58

it will not cost you any input (aids and simple financial arrangements will be proposed to you)

Christophe wrote:1) If it was so easy: pkoi everyone does not have it? And you have some?

In my case, only one bank was able to finance the PV in subsidized loan.
The borrowed amount is capped at 20.000 € on 9ans .
My quote being 21.500 €, I renegotiated with the intallator who brought his quote to 20.000 €.
The installation will be completely finnancée but I will have costs not yet encrypted (the estimated EDF connection between 400 and 1500 €).
A financial package is never easy ... :?
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