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Hydraulic, wind, geothermal, marine energy, biogas ...Self-sufficient houses energy and water

Renewables except electric or solar thermal (see sub-forums dedicated below): wind, marine energy, water and hydroelectricity, biomass, biogas, deep geothermal ...
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Self-sufficient houses energy and water

Unread Messageby elise » 18/09/04, 20:13

Hello everyone!
Je voulais vous parler des maison 100% écolo!
They retirement rainwater and reuses 4 time! The waste water passes through the filter and are then refiltered by plants that are in the midst of a greenhouse in the house! The energy comes from wind and solar panels! All comforts are allowed! They are made by old hippie colony in the USA .They use tire and the ground to make the walls.
Why type of construction are marginal ?? I believe that the rhythm or you go it is time to act !!
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Unread Messageby Dearcham » 18/09/04, 23:03

Hi to you .
Ces constructions sont loins d'êtres marginales dans les milieux écolos .
You speak of autonomous home, Baronnay (Moisdon the river near Nantes) have one that is self-sufficient in electricity and water since 15 years and they are far from alone.

I attended these days at some construction sites were close autonomic home concept; there is even an association that helps some people to build local in this state of mind (they prefer the joint premises that house): festive sites; Alumni assoc sunflower which turns in recent years with a truck with gardening techniques, Recycling rain water, wind and solar Stierling engine.

They are there to provide their knowledge and to share experiences with volunteers who come spinning out raids on construction sites.

Les matériaux utilisés sont un maximum issus de filières locales : brique crue , chanvre , bois cordé , monomur (bien que j'aie du mal à voir le coté écolo du monomur qui me parait simple mais toujours issu d'une filière industrielle) , paille , pierre...
The approach is to develop the closest product while having a comprehensive approach.

Dry toilets, phyto-purification, motors that rotate in oil, green roofs and windows ... you can find everything if you know the good addresses.

To start looking for écofestivals it's a nice place to grab addresses even if the contacts are less supported than in a construction site.
I was also told that paris gus is preparing a directory of France écolieux; I should contact him shortly, I'll give you news.

Search conditions you can always flip through magazines "Green Home" eco gateways, silence or review decay (not much to see but it's really a small pleasant journal)

The solutions already exist, put them out now
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Registration: 18/09/04, 20:04

Unread Messageby elise » 28/09/04, 17:47

Hello and thank you for this info, but it's so small-scale !!!
Yet to be great to build housing estates or whatever with this kind of material, there is so much opportunity and nobody is!
it's really frustrating !!!
:( :(
Yet there are some contractor who "dare" to install solar water heaters on the villa (I know that in the south), people are still convinced that it does not work it is unbelievable !!!!
I hope it will change !! It might take a little example of our German neighbors!
Go I'll keep my rencoeur and save for me one day build my house green !!
I will make the most noise possible to show and to reprove all the world that it works !!!!
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