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Ecoconstruction: HQE, HPE, bioclimatic, natural habitat, climatic architectureEcology and economy

Construction of the natural or ecological habitat: plan, design, advice, expertise, materials, Geobiology ...
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Ecology and economy

Unread Messageby cecile » 15/09/04, 21:53

I am preparing my architecture diploma DPLG on the following topic: Ecology Economy: one including for domestic architecture.
I chose this subject because I currently have an activity of Project manager (since I am not yet architect) or the notion of budget is omnipresent in the conception of individual house ... which is normal but which Nevertheless calls into question the investment of principle of energy saving or use of healthy materials for the project. Hence the notion of compromise which seems to me interesting in the project's approach.
I do not know how to develop these notions. How do I get my project done?
Someone with ideas or remarks?
Thanks Cécile
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 16/09/04, 21:53

Uh I'm not an architect (but almost;)) and the only thing I can advise you is maybe to read this book (if it's not already done): ... vt199.html

This way you will have already made the rounds of the materials with the different advantages and costs respectively ...
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