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Water injection: understanding and scientific explanationsPerforming a test bench

process of understanding: the assembly of ideas, research, analysis ... physicochemical aspects.
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Unread Messageby Christophe » 01/12/04, 22:33

Do not forget that electricity was discovered by static electricity from friction materials 2 " 'electrosensitive" (I know the right word) ... friction is one of the cause of electricity (electrification rather) but obviously not the only nor the most effective ...

I do not think the opposition of flow is causing the electrification / magnetization of the reactor ... and must still prove that the effect does not exist unopposed flow ...
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Unread Messageby Camel » 02/12/04, 00:41

Hi everybody !

Well, given the different interventions on this thread, I think I'll be able to incorporate your comments into PDF. I'll enjoy for certain adjustments in form, whereas for the background (ie carctériser the reactor), we accord.javascript: emoticon ( ';)')

This part of the message is for Christophe ...

On the form "computer", I chose the PDF format because it allows to mix text and image without problem in one document. On the other hand, its review may only be performed by its author (me!).

This poses a problem for me, because in my mind, it was a collective work, auctioned by those who would be interested.
In the present circumstances, it is I who will take charge of the update of this document.
Having no clear idea on a less centralized way to do it, I will assume that, to the extent that I see you hurt me ask you, Christopher, to take care of it ... the site econology, of its size and the number of messages, seems to me to be for you a daily workload huge, so act!

I think keep for now the pdf format that everyone can read, but could also send the form in Word (.doc) if necessary.
Let me know...

Finally, and for everyone, if you think about some things you find important to include in the document, please post here or send me an email to \ [ \] \ [/ EMAIL \]
Do not forget to put a light object, because I always delete all the messages irrelevant, or "crappy" object (spam, viruses, and whatnot ...)

In terms of static electricity, do not forget that these electron tearing of a carrier material by friction with another material. The electrons having migrated are therefore trapped by the receiving material (hence the name "static").

In the case of the reactor, it is known by some experimenters that magnetization appears during operation.
This had been mentioned, it seems to me you, the deceased formu PMC.
We know that a free electron, moving with a velocity V, develops a magnetic field quite detectable and measurable. If there is a large flow of particles (if the reactor), this field becomes detectable with a simple compass. So we may well measure with a gauss meter.
As well as the electric field (with an electrometer).

We can consider that if a plasma is produced in this reaction, analysis of the electrostatic and magnetic activity could perhaps guide us in our optimization of the response effort, and leave the "pifométrique" mode driving tests.

I believe it is time to move to the implementation phase, since now all we can do is speculate endlessly on theory, whereas we need tangible elements from experiments full scale to advance.

I've seen elsewhere on econology other pantoniseurs realized with a test bench engine. Maybe we could join our efforts, and why not, if they agree, centralize them in the elements necessary for the realization of this test bench ... javascript: emoticon ( ': rolleyes:')

So that's all for now!

Michel Lathuraz
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Unread Messageby krissg29 » 02/12/04, 00:53


friction is one of the cause of electricity (electrification rather) but obviously not the only or most effective

I would say that the "electricity" is a consequence of friction. And in fact of "electricity", that are electrons which are "torn off" the friction material and which give the electro-magnetism to rubbed objects: an object has too many electrons with respect to the other and 2 objects can attract. If they remain in contact long enough, electrons too find themselves on one that had lost and the magnetization disappears. It is the electric current

The magnetism of a magnet is the orientation of the magnetic moment of its electrons. An electron revolving around its nucleus is equivalent to an electric current in a coil: it generates a magnetic field. When the electrons of an atom rather rotate in the same direction, the sum of their magnetic field is not zero and the atom is "magnetic" but electrically neutral (as many protons as electrons)

Theoretically, the reactor would therefore electrification gas friction (intake and exhaust inside and outside the reactor). Knowing that 2 friction materials, it is still the same that loses electrons, it would be interesting to find materials for the tube and rod of the reactor that promotes the electrification of the whole (if it has something to do with the production of plasma). That is to say, for example, if the GEET gas tends to lose electrons would require that the tube tends to lose more and win the stem (stories of positive and negative ions for those who remember a little chemistry course). It would measure the electrification (plasma?) With a voltmeter.

And the electrification by the opposition of flux, I was wrong (it used to dive back into the books).

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