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Agriculture: problems and pollution, new technologies and solutionslazy gardener in Loire Atlantique

Agriculture and soil. Pollution control, soil remediation, humus and new agricultural techniques.
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Re: Lazy Gardener in Loire Atlantique

Unread Messageby phil53 » 20/07/18, 23:12

I had planted 4 bulbils, ie a garlic onion shaped like a drop of water with a diameter of about 1cm.
The first feet rotten.
The other 3 are on the left in the picture.
The first of reasonable size, nothing to say except that I did not taste.
The second look good, it is formed in one piece, which makes a piece of respectable garlic 3,5cm. The problem is that the taste of garlic is not pronounced and smell, I would rather say leek.
The 3eme looks like the first unpeeled.
The 4ème is a classic foot in the largest (about 3,5cm), right is rather representative of most of my crop. As much as it is not great, size 1 to 2cm.

The next picture is garlic N ° 2 cut

And this one, a small excrescence that was under the 3 garlic 5mm about diameter.

By the way the beetles have completely eaten my eggplant's foot, until the core.
Harvest butter beans sown in a proper groove. I had reloaded hay after the survey.

Only my pumpkins have risen, they are lush, I have several that certainly exceed 2kg
I have just 2 zucchini feet that lack a little nitrogen because the leaves are slightly yellow. I sowed them in the middle of all kinds of plant debris covered with turf and hay. This piece there had not been grown years ago.

Despite a good shower yesterday and well under the hay it is still rather dry.
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