released funds to encourage tidal power

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Mike O'Brien, Minister of Energy, announced the allocation by the "Department of Trade and Industry" (DTI) to 3,85 million (approximately EUR 5,5 million) project presented by "Marine Current Turbines Ltd. "(MCTL, Bristol) Development and validation of a device to recover the energy of the tides. This project leads by Sea Generation Ltd, subsidiary of MCTL, will develop a prototype turbine marine currents generant 1 MW and equipped with twin rotors. This same company has installed in June 2003 the world's first large scale project using the energy of ocean currents off Lynmouth, North Devon. This unit of 300 kW called "Seaflow" is operational for nearly two years and was developed in partnership with the DTI and the Union Europeenne.
According to Mike O'Brien, the UK is not only the leader in marine energy but also the most appropriate to locate and develop these technologies place. Government support in place is indicated to maintain this strategic position while promoting clean and sustainable energy. Martin Wright, Director of MCTL has stated very happy with the granted funds, since the project is at the critical stage of the pre-marketing and launch this initiative a positive message



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