Marketing Study on Women wishes in matters of automotive

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Woman competence center and Automobile of the university of the lower Rhine (Niederrhein) was realized for the first time a study throughout Germany OFFICE OF 1200 conductive, probing the wishes, preferences and needs of women in matters of automobile.

« L’index feminin » realise au cours d’un seminaire de marketing sous la direction du Prof. Dr. Doris Kortus-Schultes delivre des conseils multiples et concrets pour ameliorer l’approche client chez les concessionnaires et dans les garages.

The preferences and expectations of other groups are also reported. The study presents eg the criteria of choice for buying a car: the properties that are important to the women interviewed are low consumption, safety, comfortable seat for the back, a beach and a spacious rear threshold low chest. In terms of design they prefer cars rather small, simple and discrete.

The warranty terms and a spacious trunk for them are more important than the brand of the car itself. The color is metallic silver color as their preferee for men. For the interior, the seats they prefer easily cleanable.

Contacts: Prof. Dr. Doris Kortus-Schultes, tel: + 49 212 33 18 00 or 49 21 6118 6809 +
Sources: Depeche IDW, Press Release Hochschule Niederrhein.


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