cellulosic ethanol at Lignol, pilot plant

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Lignol announces the production of cellulosic ethanol from a new pilot biorefinery

Lignol is a Canadian company undertaking the development of biorefining technologies for the production of ethanol and other biochemical co-products from non-food biomass. pretreatment technology based on solvents belonging to Lignol facilitates the rapid conversion of cellulose to ethanol and the production of high value-added biochemical co-products including high purity lignin that can lead to materials with new properties.

Lignol announced in June 2009 it has completed the first production of a coast to cellulosic ethanol from its fully integrated pilot biorefinery located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

This production from Canadian wood chips followed the pilot phase of construction, which began in June 2008, and the startup phase, which began in April 2009. It represents the first production of ethanol using all unit operations of Lignol's unique technology.

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