United States: penalties against those who inflate the price of gasoline

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Just calculate the average price of crude on 4 years before / after bush to enter the masquerade of such information ... but the relays anyway!

The US House of Representatives voted by a large majority for a strengthening of sanctions against those responsible for swelling of artificial gasoline prices. She is struggling with the discontent of the electorate faced with these increases.

Unjustified increases would be subject to 150 million fine (for wholesalers) or two million (for retailers), according to a bill passed by voice against 389 34.

The adoption of this text comes at a time when rising gasoline prices has become a major political issue, to six months of parliamentary elections very tight.

Le président George W. Bush, recevant des parlementaires à la Maison Blanche, est convenu avec eux qu’il était indispensable de faire en sorte que « les consommateurs soient traités correctement ».


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