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Example of a search for an amateur-ON UNIT system
Based on the principles of a French patent.

By JC V researcher and amateur enthusiast various electronic assemblies, former technician, former amateur, who will try with the words of candid to present the beginnings of his experimentation .I want to say that my editing can actually have some resemblance to montages appeared on the net but for some reason I will demonstrate later we are ALL in this area almost obliged to use almost the same equipment with some differences in assemblies .I want to say that I referred to GALEY for PATENT operating basics principles because this is a free license to use and FRENCH iN ADDITION perfectly good explanation except one or two small insignificant gaps that I am forbidden to judge.

For those curious you will see that Galey patent uses a carcass former type transformer therefore to be machined with great precision in order to insert the magnet power, also machining of an internal transformer section for deflecting the flow of the magnet and very expensive .I therefore used a dual c-type transformer casing but with a resonance frequency of between 50hz and 500hz for practical reason and remain in the time and spirit of the patent Galey, the coil position is also resembling that side but I think that for the humorous side (everyone copied everyone) .The dozens and dozens of patents of this type can be found at INPI or in others, patents Germans, English, Japanese etc all show almost identical positioning .So I think in this area person has a monopoly on anything except protect by a PATENT if the invention it works what is in the law and the rules. That is most important is said .But the final thing is I think the extreme pleasure of this research whether amateur or professional .The purpose of my humble beginning of experimentation, as an amateur, is to try me an idea of ​​how this type of device (because I think there was around this system a media out of proportion to the results obtained) AND ESPECIALLY NOT hAVE INTELLIGENCE; hoping that many other interested people try to use the same type of experience and if possible to exchange information.

-search In several steps to try to verify the authenticity of operation of
static electromagnetic generator of electric current. (always according to the ideas of the patent Galey)

The goal : Use magnetism field or magnetization of a magnet for inducing structures like transformer (see picture 1), made of sheet metal with high permeability rate and the lowest possible retention.

Try to get on the said output coils (see picture 1)
gains voltage and higher intensity than those put in power or on the primary windings (see pictures 2 and 3) of the structure

The strong magnet field (neodymium type) replacing the primary of the transformer primary windings .The servants of "rammers" on the transformer structure to vary the flow of the magnet inducing alternatively output windings. result: with a portion of the surplus energy obtained it may be possible to maintain the system in a state of self supply which clearly give an autonomous electricity generator .L'opération is not necessarily utopian she asks that has to be experienced; and who knows may disturb some energy conservation principles.
So to see ???

1er: Magnets.
For fifty years constant evolution has occurred in the manufacture of magnets, we went from mild steel and then ferrite magnets two or three decades to powers of 50Ka / m 2000 even 5000Ka / m for neodymium .and they are being overtaken is already talk of 30000Ka / m and more powers into play become extraordinary even dangerous for their manipulations able to snatch a finger and I know whereof I speak. (magnet my editing appears in orange on the preparation of carcass) (see pictures 4 and 5)

2eme: The structures or transformer

I use a type of double-c transformer (see 1 image) low frequency-type 50hz to 500hz I could give the address of the dealer and the magnet, but there are many in France.
Other arrangements using transformers or core-working with higher frequencies to 10khz 100khz average yields and with neighboring over to 90 95% .This transformers are based on metals such as silicon and other rare metals enabling obtain very high permeability coefficients: transformer circuit is leaving through and induce maximum by a field .We can also speak of reluctance.
Transformers also having an excellent negative afterglow: retains no magnetizing effect after being induced.

3eme: The electronics consists of a switch circuit type alternated quite standard that control the "two strike plates of MOS-FET transistors of accepting voltages in volts 250 30 watts .I put the pictures of my proto or one neodymium magnet sees good size glued North side and South magnetic extensions on two formants a heart (see pictures 6, 7 and 8) to increase the flexibility of movement of flow in the double-c structure.

Problem said a researcher serious amateur or pro does not have to hide the moment it is fraught with problems and in this case, this is what happens to me. Neodymium magnet used is so strong that I can not push the induisants fields structure because I have a problem windings in the number of turns and the wire diameter to be used especially as I want to work around 50 100 hz .I recess has a pro 0 150 supply volts and amps 0 3 to .If a user can give me an indication as to the size of the coil type transformer used, the number turns winding thank you in advance.

Finally I would like to make a critical misunderstanding rather disappointed about a patent filed on a generator called MEG and patented in the USA this year 2 which was to be called be sold very quickly .The same case occurred with an air car tablet and lots of legends run on stories ect ...... accidents. Well I think not !!!! With the hype is around these two examples for years I think strongly that no force on earth could have prevented ANYTHING I am sure is well foments wars for oil that is doomed to disappear very quick . And I guarantee that found immediately investor .A number of countries in a non-energy situation would immediately takers, then mystery ????

Thank you to Christophe Martz for allowing me to speak on his site, we expect any information and are prepared to provide. JC V

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