Renewable energy: European objectives are far

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The fourth European barometer of renewable energy has just been published by Eurobserv'ER. In 2003, renewables accounted 5,48% of the primary energy consumption of the Fifteen. A stable rate for three years. Conclusion: the European target of 12 2010% in will not be achieved. The policies introduced or announced should not allow to exceed 10%. It can not be much more optimistic about the other objective, which focuses on the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption (in 21 2010%). Indeed, this rate reached in 14,88 2003%, an increase of 0,5 issues for a year climatically very unfavorable to renewable energy. Hydraulic faltered, and are wind, biogas and wood energy that enabled this growth.
For installed wind power, Germany is still far in the lead with 14.609 MW; France ranks at 11e place with 253 MW. Even German domination on the solar (France applied 5e position for photovoltaics and 4e for heat).
To download the barometer on the site of Oberv'ER (PDF 528 Ko) contact us (Free registration required).

Antoine Blouet


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