Renewable energy, a 40 percent tax credit for purchases 2005

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Taxpayers can benefit from a 40% tax credit for purchases made from January 1 2005er for their primary residence of equipment using renewable energy (solar water heater, fireplace, wood stove, heat pump geothermal ...). This will take effect from the taxation of income of the year 2005 ie from the start of the fiscal year 2006.

A decree published in the Official Journal of Tuesday February 15 2005 fixed the list of equipment eligible for a tax credit from January 1 2005er. This order follows the 90 and 91 articles of the Finance Act 2005 providing for the establishment of two tax credits, one for sustainable development and the other for helping people in difficulty . A tax reduction 75% is expected for donations in 2005.

Decree of February 9 2005 on equipment spending of the main dwelling


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