Energy: Alternative fuels and propulsion in Germany

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The objective fixed by the European Directive of May 8 2003, is to achieve, by 2010, 5,75% the proportion of biofuels in the market. The new European Commissioner for Agriculture, also strongly encourages Germany develop alternative fuels, particularly in view of the liberalization of the agricultural operation in the WTO.

In this context, the German Government has undertaken several measures:

- To encourage petroleum groups mixed classical / biofuels fuels, the government completely tax-free up to 2020 the biofuel share these mixtures. The German objective is to achieve the 2012 has 10% of biofuels in total consumption.

- Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, the Federal Minister of Finance Hans Eichel and Minister Jurgen Trittin environment agreed to support tax from 2006 filters teams diesel vehicles has particles. It must end 1er January 2008, date
which all new diesel vehicles will be produced filters teams has particles.

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