Greenhouse, and political environment: survey completed

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The survey on environment and politics is over. The question and the results. To meditate.

What do you think of the current hype about the greenhouse effect?

This is fine, it educates the wider pubic to environmental problems. 37.33% (919 votes)

It's good but I fear that it falls like a souffle after elections in 2007 27.17% (669 votes)

This is pure opportunist hypocrisy of the media which are in any way paid by lobbies. 17.87% (440 votes)

It makes me laugh, it will not change the underlying problem: in a few months everyone will have forgotten what was said! 15.35% (378 votes)

I have no opinion and / or it does not interest me. 2.27% (56 votes)

Total votes: 2462 votes.


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