The EconoTour, a tour of France in untaxed biofuel!

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The EconoTour or a Tour de France to HVB

The idea

At the site initiative and following a discussion on the forum, the Tour de France with (the) vehicle (s) running the Brute Vegetable Oil (SVO) begins to organize. The goal is to raise awareness, the media and institutions on the use and advantages of independent ecological fuels from local industries. And to make known the econology site and the work that is presented.

Who am I ?

My name is Julien Lefebvre, aka Rulian on the forum of your favorite site. Benefiting from a period of availability of 6 months at the end of my studies (mechanical engineer), I decided to invest myself in the organization of this action which could be a starting point for stronger actions in favor development of "econological" transport.

Why SVO?

The Raw Vegetable Oils (unrefined), today the type of the simplest biofuel production and more environmentally friendly.

It is oil taken directly from the plant - sunflower, rapeseed ... - that requires no industrial processing. After filtering, it is used directly in a current automobile diesel engine. The carbon released by the combustion of these oils is completely consumed by the plant during its growth. Pollution CO2 is generally zero except in cases of synthetic fertilizer use during the cultivation of oleaginous. Indeed nitrogen fertilizers emit nitrogen gas compounds contributing to the greenhouse effect as well as the CO2. However, these discharges can be very limited for the type of cultivation used.

The HVB is one of the solutions to environmental problems, simply apply, now, without significant investment. It's also for a good alternative consumer through a pump prices lower than diesel. But now SVO is not taxed: a tax of this biofuel will make recess more profitable economically speaking!

Why a Tour de France?

In this area as in many others, France is far behind compared to large countries of the European Union. Use of HVB fuel was prohibited until 1er January 2005. From a legal vacuum persists. Manufacturers seem not interested in what yet very profitable fuel and provides substantial agricultural opportunities.
This is why we want to demonstrate the interest and the economic viability of Vegetable Oils Brutes as fuel for the automotive and transport. We want strong action to ask our leaders to ensure that bio-fuels, especially SVO, are accessible to all. again, this is a way to honor the commitments of the Kyoto Protocol ... then expected by our policies?

Exhibitions and conferences.

Throughout the journey, in June or July 2005, we will exhibit the vehicle or vehicles, we will give demonstrations and lectures on the theme of Plant Oils Brutes fuel use. These events will be supported by local association we contact you during the preparation phase we expected from March to June 2005.

Our route will pass through symbolic places of the automotive industry by organizations promoting the HVB in France, and by national and European institutions. We expect support from some media that we will not fail to contact.

A letter to our leaders.

On the occasion of this trip, we will invite citizens to sign a letter to the French political and associative and European leaders asking them to take strong action for Vegetable Oils Brutes, in compliance with the Kyoto commitments.

Here is a list of executive officers:
- The Greens
- Greenpeace
- Ministry of transportation
- Ministry of Economy
- The presidency of the republic
- Major automakers

Without your help we get are not ...

Today, February 12 2005, the project is just beginning. For now, only Christophe Martz and me (Julien Lefebvre) have worked on the project. But the idea is launched.

We need to find the vehicle or vehicles, establish the route and the exhibition program and conferences, set up logistics, contact local associations and raise the necessary funds to the success of such an undertaking.

If you can help:

- To find vehicles and fuel HVB
- To put us in touch with people that can help us
- To organize a conference or a demonstration along the route
- Financially or materially
- Anything else you consider relevant to the project.

For other ideas, you can use the forum: Click here

Thank you all!

Julien Lefebvre, mechanical engineering student at the UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne) and Christophe Martz, ENSAIS engineer, webmaster of econology

Learn more about HVB:
- General on vegetable oil
- biofuel and fuel oil plant Forum


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