Saving energy: calculate the profitability of saving light bulbs and flash CO2

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In partnership with the website Volta-Electricite.infoWe developed a flash version, very accessible to our Compare econological economic bulbs (CFLs or LEDs) available for a few months as a excel file to download.

This comparator economic bulbs calculator to estimate the economic profitability and the CO2 the use of one or more light bulbs. There are some days, this computer has been a passage in the Figaro

Two versions are available according to your screen:
- a "large" version for large screens, in a special page: the bulb calculator page
- An integrated version of the site in the form of an article.

2 These versions differ slightly in their presentation but the results are identical. Obviously the Excel Version (slightly more full because with a plot point return on investment) is still available for download.

You can present this calculator to your friends and contacts, but also present your findings or comments on the forum dedicated to the return on investment of a bulb.

Economic Light Bulb Calculator

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