The economics of biofuels in France

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There would finally two major types of biofuels, as they pass from industrial refineries are mobilized more craftsmen.
Industrial biofuels are already part of strategic agricultural products, and for which international agreements are under discussion. The fear of French producers is that the EU, in negotiations with MERCOSUR, prefers to grant import rights in Brazil, which produces 29 € hectolitre of ethanol against a French cost currently estimated at € 50, and which may fall only gradually do (hence also the importance of the tax exemption). The situation is better for oilseeds, including industrial facilities already in place are not used to full capacity. The main challenge today is the creation of new institutions for ethanol see Al No. 71)
Fuels "craft" are now used by agriculture, tractors and various facilities. The challenge could be, in addition to development "on the farm", to create markets in other sectors of the economy; but that these new energy producers such as farmers have direct use is still the chance of a significant economic advantage for a profession rightly paid to the concerns of tomorrow.

Source: AIMVER - Infos No. 75 - 2004 December / January 2005


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