Broken prices and low cost. Economic blessing or danger?

Low Cost: helped by considerable technological progress for two centuries, economic strategies have been guided by insatiable "capitalist" challenges ever more demanding in profits and always justified by the intervention of the invisible hand (1) "supposed to optimize for the greatest number the result of choice answering to [...]

ufc energy labels

Energy Label: improve information on energy performance and product durability

Energy label: The UFC has just published a study on the performance and durability of products that constitute a rising concern of consumers. While the revision of the Energy Label Directive is still in progress at the European level, the UFC - Que Choisir publishes the results without a qualitative survey (1) which highlights the [...]

marketing, solidarity marketing, humanitarian and charitable presents, a solidarity, humanitarian and charitable marketing initiative of Laurent Berthelot. An Ulule campaign has just been launched. Explanations. Take control of your data and do it right. Choose: when, what and how to receive the best deals that concern you. For each advertisement consulted, you pay for free associations. " Do you want […]

Economy: from a certain prosperity to a progressive austerity

Economy and Society: from a certain prosperity to a progressive austerity or from the welfare state to the gendarme state. Political debate is largely confined to the domain of managing the conflicting interests of the various social categories, through political formations supposed to ensure compromises sufficient to maintain the social structure. The [...]

Forbidden Country Doctors of the World against price gouging of some drugs

Yesterday the association Médecins du Monde broadcast an "incisive" advertising campaign on the Internet about the abusive price of certain drug treatments. Indeed, the campaign was refused to broadcast by "traditional" displays by the Autorité de régulation professionnel de la publicité (ARPP). JCDecaux, MediaTransports and Insert therefore refused the posting of this [...]

To drop the mask

Are the physical limits to growth relevant?

Since KE Boulding's famous sentence and the publication of the Club of Rome's report, this physical limit has become a commonplace: the more reason to be suspicious of it and to question the validity of the assertion, with global warming, are the two pillars of a soft "ecological" criticism of the functioning of our societies. If I call this kind of criticism "soft", it is because it is blind to other phenomena and, if it is, it is because it is completely acceptable to our mode of functioning and merely deplores that material obstacles hamper its triumphal march.