Sizing of an Archimedes screw for hydroelectricity - INSA Strasbourg

Dimensioning of an Archimedes screw for hydropower - INSA Strasbourg. Optimization of an Archimedes screw for the production of energy in micro-hydroelectric plants. KEYWORDS: Fluid Mechanics, Renewable Energy, Micro Hydroelectric, Archimedes' Screw, Experimentation Abstract The use of the Archimedean screw in micro-hydroelectric plants is a way […]

Download: urban garden Guide

The Guide to the Urban Vegetable Garden. 242 pages, 24.2 Mo en .pdf Preface The Gardens, like many other good ideas, have the gift of growing in the most unexpected places. My first experience as an urban gardener was in Brussels, Belgium, on a roof terrace without barriers of safety. Though […]