Diesel: Renault and PSA Peugeot-up to develop a water injection engine

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Here is some news that should please all water injection defenders and Gillier-Pantone, according to an unofficial source (former classmate), Renault and PSA work together to get out as fast (that ie end 2009) a diesel extremely similar water injection the process Gillier-Pantone.

These works are placed in the continuity of the work on the injection of water that Renault has been pursuing and which reads in patent 2005: Renault patent for injecting water and heating by the exhaust gases.

The novelty in this patent is the use of a instant steam generator controlled electronically evolved but mostly a similar "reactor" steam treatment, exactly like a GP reactor, this so ionize water vapor. This is the official explanation that fits perfectly with the explanation that we issued on Econologie.com there more than a year. Read: theory of ionization of the water vapor in the reactor GP.

Another evolution compared to our research: to avoid the driver having to do the "full of water", Renault will use his research on condensation of the exhaust gases. Again the work is not recent because Renault had asked a patent 2004: Renault patent condensation exhaust gas.

Renault condensation exhaust

The system will initially be mounted end 2009, seriesOn the Renault dCi V6 to be extended to the full range of engines of 2 French manufacturers in the years to come.

Renault dci water V6

The commercial appellation has not yet been revealed but no doubt the Gillier Pantone-appellation will be ignored ... the NIH syndrome is too stubborn ...

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