Shall develop scientific strategies for the use of carbon dioxide

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At the Kyoto Conference, the associated countries have decided to reduce the production of carbon dioxide. As such, Prof. Dr. Arno Behr of the faculty of chemical and biological engineering of Dortmund has developed two processes. As an expert, he performs since 25 years of research on the use and transformation of carbon dioxide into valuable raw materials. He studied chemical reactions from the point of view of their profitability and their technical feasibility in testing laboratories. His chair "Development of chemical processes" is one of
rare competence centers on the chemistry of carbon dioxide in Germany.

The first method developed by M. Behr is the activation of the catalysis of a transition metal: carbon dioxide encounters a metal, such as in an automobile catalyst, is active and can react with hydrogen to form formic acid (E 236), which can then be
valorized transformed into other products. A second example is the reaction of carbon dioxide with butadiene, which produces lactone, which can be used as odorant or as a base for the creation of plastics.

The second method is the activation of a microwave radiation which activates the molecules of carbon dioxide in plasma. This can then react with the natural gas into a synthesis gas that can be used for the manufacture of alcohol or gasoline.

Of course, these processes will allow to transform a part of CO2, but it is already a first step. The development of more practical solutions requires a more intensive research.

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